How having your feet professionally measured can save you money May 01 2023

Have you ever bought shoes that felt great in the shop, only to quickly discover that they pinch, rub or just aren’t as comfortable as you remember?   

Woman surrounded by shoes she doesn't wear because they're not comfortable

Of course by then you’ve worn them outside, marked the soles and can’t take them back.  

Not a great feeling, especially if they’re good quality shoes that weren’t cheap. 

While a good way to see if your new shoes fit properly is to wear them at home on carpet, you’re not really doing the same walking and standing as normal. It can give you a false sense of comfort confidence.  

How to make sure your shoes fit before you leave the shop

There’s another even better way to ensure you get the comfortable shoes you’re going to love. 

Choose the right shoes when you’re in the shop. By which we mean, choose shoes that fit. Really fit. Properly fit. 

We know, this sounds pretty obvious. But it can be anything but easy. Often you’re surrounded by shelves of choice, choosing what to try with only the size on the sole to guide you. 

How do you know if the shoes you choose have a narrow or wide fit? How can you tell which is better for a high arch or a flatter-foot? 

It’s easy to make the wrong choice. We’ve all done it.  

Which is why at Ellie Dickins Shoes we believe in offering the best possible service to our customers to ensure you get the most comfortable stylish footwear possible. After all, that’s our strapline, we’re here to make your feet happy.  

We do this in several ways, starting with measuring your feet. 

Did you know your feet change shape and size over time?

Sometimes this can take years, but some changes can happen quickly, for instance if you develop a corn, bunion, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis or other foot condition. 

Other changes, such as a widening of your feet, can happen gradually over time. Your favourite shoes may only fit well because they’ve stretched and given as your feet have changed. 

Having your feet measured may be the first you know about your feet going up a size.  

What we look for when measuring your feet

Graphic indicating the pressure points of a foot

We take a note of the length, width, arch (there are three types of foot arch), distribution of weight and the pressure on the underside of your feet. 

This tells us a lot about your feet: how you walk, where the pressure points are now and where any discomfort is likely to be in the future. 

When we know your foot size and shape we can help you find your perfect footwear  

You know what you’re looking for, the styles you prefer and how you intend to wear your new shoes. 

We know our stock, what’s has a wider fit, narrower fit, high or low arches, what fits generously across the foot, what’s likely to give with time and what’s going to hold its shape, what offers good support, removable support… you get the gist. 

Together we can find you the shoes you’re going to love, the boots you’ll wear and wear, the slippers you’ll want to go out in. In short, shoes that will fit and feel wonderfully comfortable, all day long.  

We may even suggest styles you hadn’t considered before, because we know the cut will give greater comfort. 

You may want to consider styles not tried before, perhaps with straps that adjust, laces that offer greater support. 

You may want to consider shoes with supportive insoles, or that have removable insoles which can be replaced with a supportive insole or orthotic. 

Browsers always welcome

So while you’re always welcome to browse and self-shop, we know from experience and the feedback from our customers, having your feet professionally measured and receiving a little help from our experienced shoe fitters can make all the difference when looking for stylish comfortable shoes that you’ll love and that will last. And ensure you’ve not wasted a penny on more closet filling unworn footwear. 

If you’d like to save money by having your feet professionally measured, while enjoying the experience of having your own personal shoe shopper, call into our Hungerford High Street shop. 

We’ll be happy to assess your feet and assist you in finding the perfect footwear to leave you feeling like you’re walking on air. 

Do you live too far away to call in? We’re happy to offer guidance over the phone. Nothing quite beats being able to browse and try on as many shoes as you like, but it does come a close second. 

To speak to one of our qualified shoe fitters about your foot health or footwear requirements, or just to check we’re open and not too busy, call us on 01488 686480. We look forward to hearing from you.