10 reasons why removable insoles are a great idea March 18 2024

You may have noticed that we flag when a shoe has a removable insole. But have you ever wondered why a removable insole is a good thing when it comes to quality ladies footwear?

Insoles next to a pair of shoes on a bright yellow background

It’s been estimated that anywhere between 75% and 80% of adults have some form of foot problem at any one time. And that’s not including those of us who just have good old plain and simple differently sized feet.

Being able to adapt our footwear without the cost of having to purchase something bespoke or tailor-made can be a game changer when it comes to walking in comfort.

Here are ten reasons, in no particular order, why you may want your next pair of shoes to have a removable insole. 


1. Greater comfort

Our shoes are all high quality, made in Europe by long established shoemakers with a reputation for excellence. But sometimes the insoles they provide aren’t quite the ones you need. That’s fine. By making them removable, you have the freedom to tailor your shoes to give you the individual comfort and fit you need.

2. Different sized feet

Pretty much everyone has slightly different sized feet, whether in length, width or both. For some, the difference can be more than a shoe size. Being able to remove an insole creates extra space for a larger foot, while swapping a standard insole for something thicker or built-up helps the smaller foot to stay comfortable and secure.

3. High arches

Sometimes you don’t want to compromise on the styles you love because you have a high arch. With a removable insole you can create the extra space your arch needs, allowing you to have the style you want with the comfort you need.

4. Bunions and hammer toes

These painful conditions can affect one foot more than the other. Being able to adapt just one shoe by removing or replacing an insole can make all the difference you need, creating space to avoid rubbing, and adding cushioning through the use of an orthotic.

5. Plantar fasciitis

Whether a temporary flare up or an ongoing condition, this can be incredibly painful for the sufferer. Being able to replace the regular insole with an orthotic inserts provides much needed support and cushions areas that have been damaged or strained, allowing the plantar fascia to heal.

6. Lower back pain

Yes, you read that right. Being able to replace a standard insole with an orthotic can help to realign your feet and ankles, which in turn can have a positive impact on your legs and hips, ultimately helping to alleviate pain in your back.   

7. Pregnancy

Feet often swell during pregnancy, so being able to remove the insoles from shoes can mean you’re able to keep wearing them in comfort. Feet also often increase in length during pregnancy, so it’s a good idea to get them measured to see if you need to go up a size.

8. Foot hygiene

Your feet sweat. They can lose up to half an egg-cup full of sweat, for each foot, each day! Being able to replace the insoles in your shoes, or remove and wash them, will help to keep your feet healthier and your footwear smelling fresher.

9. Longer lasting footwear

Many of us take far better care of the exterior of our shoes than the interior. That’s fine. That’s the bit we see. Having a removable insole means you’re able to extend the life of your favourite shoes by replacing the hardwearing insole when it’s come to the end of its life.

10. Diabetes

If you live with diabetes, you’re probably aware of diabetic foot, a complication that affects more than 20% of people with diabetes. Being able to remove an insole to create greater space, or introduce an orthotic to provide greater support and stability can help to reduce pressure and discomfort on the affected area.


So there you have it, removable insoles give you choice. Our shoe makers have created supportive, cushioned, comfortable insoles. But they may not be exactly what you need. So they also make most of them removable. Giving you the greatest flexibility possible, and with it we hope, the greatest comfort possible.

Because that’s what we’re all about here at Ellie Dickins Shoes, making your feet happy.

Just type Removable into the search bar to see the wide range of options available.

If you’ve any questions about removable insoles, or anything else about our footwear, please do give us a call. We’re all trained shoe fitters here to help you find your perfect pair.