Are you standing uncomfortably? Then step this way. March 29 2018

If you find standing makes you uncomfortable, or you have discomfort in your feet, you might want to see if the problem lies under your feet.

The way you stand, or more specifically, the way your weight is distributed across your feet, could be causing you foot pain and difficulty in walking.

About 80% of the population suffer from foot problems or weak feet. Backache is often due to foot disorders. Other foot problems can include heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, fallen arches, splayed feet, flat feet and a burning sensation in the balls of the feet.  

The good news is, there’s something that can help, and it’s not a bank breaker!

pedag foot assessor in store now at Ellie Dickins ShoesStep this way, onto our Pedag Easy Step

You may have noticed a new arrival in store, our lovely Pedag Easy Step machine.

This simple yet deceptively clever device can quickly and easily assess the spread and weight distribution through your feet.

It couldn’t be easier to use, simply slip off your shoes and step onto the pressure sensitive measuring plate. It can assess your feet even through your stockings, we just don’t advise using it in super thick walking socks!

How the foot assessment works

Standing on the special pressure-sensitive measuring plate allows the sensors to detect the spread of weight and the pressure on the underside of the foot.

The resulting ‘Pedagramm’ reveals how you’re standing, and highlights any areas of current or potential concern

Once any issues have been diagnosed, you’ll need a solution, which is where the wide range of Pedag insoles come in. Each technically sophisticated insole has been designed to address specific imbalances in pressure or distribution.   

Image of foot from pedal assessment showing pressure points

We’ve a wide range in-store for you to try before you buy, covering a breadth of foot support needs, from high arches, low arches, sports, sneaker, classic, the list goes on.

On average, our feet carry us around 160,000 kilometres in a lifetime, that’s the equivalent of about four times around the earth.

This may result in foot problems that can make walking difficult, or even cause pain. 

The footbed insoles from Pedag have been designed to help prevent discomfort and provide ‘first aid’ for feet.

How insoles can help 

By correcting an imbalance in pressure, with a suitable insole or orthotic insert, pressure points can be alleviated and pain reduced, they can even help to improve your posture and gait, further reducing discomfort.  

Ellie spoke to a Head of Podiatry for NHS England, who stated that if everyone were able to remedy foot misalignment, over 90% of NHS podiatry cases would disappear overnight.   

How to tell if an insole’s working

This couldn’t be simpler. Just pop an insole into one shoe, but not the other, then try on both shoes. You should be able to immediately feel the benefit. Now imagine a whole day of that benefit, and the resulting reduction in foot and back pain.

Enjoy greater comfort in the shoes you already own

More great news! You don’t have to spend a fortune buying new special shoes.

By adding, or swapping the insole in your current shoes for an orthotic insole, you’ll improve the comfort in your favourite shoes, and can swap the insoles between shoes.  

Why not come and try it for yourself, and be amazed at the difference orthotic insoles can make to your feet and your daily life!

Call in to Ellie Dickins Shoes and have your feet assessed and your shoes professionally fitted for free, by our qualified shoe fitters.