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10 reasons why removable insoles are a great idea March 18 2024

A pair of insoles next to a pair of women's shoes on a bright yellow background.

You may have noticed that we flag when a shoe has a removable insole. But have you ever wondered why a removable insole is a good thing when it comes to quality ladies footwear?

Here are 10 reasons, from pregancy to plantar fasciitis, different sized feet to diabetes, why removable insoles are a great idea.  

The best ladies' sandals for feet with bunions August 07 2023

ladies feet with a bunion and painted toenails

Summer is the perfect time for painting your toes and enjoying the cool comfort of sandals. But what if you have a bunion?

We take you through which styles give feet with bunions the most comfort for longer, which to choose if you're self-conscious and which to avoid.


How having your feet professionally measured can save you money May 01 2023

New smart black court shoes in the box

If you've ever bought shoes that felt great in the shop, and only in the shop, you'll know the frustration of wasting time and money on the wrong footwear.

There is a way to avoid expensive mistakes and choose shoes that are comfortable and stylish. With expert shoe fitting advice, you'll find the shoes that look great and feel fantastic. No more shoe regrets for you! We explain how. 


How to do a home pedicure when you’re not very flexible August 23 2021

feet on soft towels
When you're pregnant, carrying excess weight or not as flexible as you used to be, it can make looking after your feet that little bit harder. Our step-by-step home pedicure will help you to enjoy a pampering experience that will help keep your feet softer, more shapely and feeling great, with suggested aids should you need a little extra help.

Are you standing uncomfortably? Then step this way. March 29 2018

If you find standing makes you uncomfortable, or you have discomfort in your feet, you might want to see if the problem lies under your feet. 

Come in for a free foot assessment and we'll help you find comfort in your shoes again with our affordable orthotic inserts and insoles. 

How National Shoe Fitting Week came to be March 29 2018

The Society of Shoe Fitters launched National Shoe Fitting week in 2013. It is designed to increase the public’s awareness of how feet change over time,

With increasing problems with the nation’s feet, the society decided to launch its campaign through its members who are all qualified shoe fitters. The campaign is supported by other footwear organisations including IFRA, CFHR and BFA etc.

How to prevent, relieve and find footwear for bunions October 18 2017

What do Amal Clooney, Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, Tilda Swinton, Katie Holmes and Catherine Zeta-Jones all have in common?

Apart from being some of the world’s most glamourous and successful women, they all have bunions. Look down from their stunning dresses to the catwalk and you’ll see the painful truth.

Diabetes and looking after your feet August 10 2017

Taking care of your feet is important for all of us, but especially so for those with diabetes. Find out more and the importance of properly fitted footwear.

Ellie is awarded Fellowship from the Society of Shoe Fitters October 02 2016

Society of Shoe Fitters logo
Find out more about Ellie's educational work in foot health, why she lobbied parliament, and how she's now been recognised for her work by the Society of Shoe Fitters.

Daily Mail’s Femail asks Ellie why high street shoes never fit March 21 2016

If you find your usual size doesn’t fit, you’re not alone. The Daily Mail’s Marianne Power asked Ellie Dickins to explain why this is.

How to keep your shoes and feet fresher longer August 13 2013

Did you know you lose an egg cup-full of perspiration through your feet every day? Ellie shares expert tips on how to stop your shoes from smelling and how to extend the life of your footwear in her short video. 

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