Pedag Viva Sport fitness foot support


Add comfort to your outdoor shoes, sports shoes and trainers with this hi-tech arch support.

Designed to effectively stabilise the mid foot, support the forefoot and cushion the heel. Resilient and shock absorbing for durability and added comfort. 

Viva Sport arch support orthotic insert diagram of layers

1. The special functional fibre transports moisture away from the foot quickly.

2. Thousands of micro-air chambers in the high-tech foam absorb shocks and insulate against cold.

3. The heel pad provides shock absorbing, relieves the heel, joints, hip, spine, neck.

4. The met pad prevents splayfoot and alleviates symptoms of splayfoot.

5. The anatomical shape efficiently supports the longitudinal arch and prevents symptoms of fatigue.

Tip - Take our the removable insole from your sports shoe and insert the Viva Sport. To compare the comfort, just replace the insole in one shoe and compare with the other. 

Hand washable. 

Foot Conditions

Arch Pain
Arch Strain
Athlete’s Foot
Back Pain
Collapsed Arch
Flat Feet
Forefoot Pain
Heel Pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Weak Arches


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