Viva Sneaker


Keep feet feeling fresh, comfortable and well supported with these cushioned, breathable arch supporting insoles. 

1. The cotton terry cloth is kind to the skin and absorbs moisture. 

2. Breathing natural fibres keep the foot fresh and provide plenty of padding. 

3. The heel pad provides shock absorbing properties, and helps to relieve and prevent pain in the heels, joints, hip, spine and neck. 

4. The metatarsal pad helps to prevent and alleviate the symptoms of splayfoot. 

5. The anatomically-shaped design efficiently supports the longitudinal arch and helps to prevent symptoms of fatigue. 

Tip - Take our the removable insole from your outdoor shoe or workwear, and insert the Viva Sneaker. To compare the comfort, just replace the insole in one shoe and compare with the other. 

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