Pedag Viva High Arch foot support


Comfort and support combine in these high quality, real leather arch support insoles. 

Specially designed for high arches, with fourfold vitalising and effective odour control, for daylong comfort.

1. The finest and durable cow hide is actively breathing, absorbent and provides a pleasant and hygienic microclimate in the shoe. 

2. The latex-free active carbon with highly efficient filtration effect neutralizes foot odour, let the foot breathe, provides optimal foot hygiene. 

3. The heel pad provides shock absorbing, relieves the heel, joints, hip, spine, neck. 

4. The metatarsal pad prevents splayfoot and alleviates symptoms of splayfoot. 

5. The extra high anatomical shape efficiently supports the longitudinal arch and prevents symptoms of fatigue.

Tip - Take out the removable insole from your shoes and insert the Viva High Arch Support. To compare the comfort, just replace the insole in one shoe and compare with the other. 

Foot Conditions:

Arch Pain
Arch Strain
Athlete’s Foot
Back Pain
Collapsed Arch
Flat Feet
Forefoot Pain
Heel Pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Weak Arches


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