Viva mini foot support


The perfect solution for when you simply can't fit a full sized insert into your shoe, these leather-lined high-tech insoles are designed to support the foot while giving triple vitalising support. 

1. The finest and durable cow hide is actively breathing, absorbent and provides a pleasant and hygienic microclimate in the shoe. 

2. The heel pad provides shock absorbing, relieves the heel, joints, hip, spine, neck. 

3. The metatarsal pad prevents splayfoot and alleviates symptoms of splayfoot. 

4. The anatomically shaped design efficiently supports the longitudinal arch and prevents symptoms of fatigue.

Trip - Ideal for peep-toes shoes or back-in sandals, or where the shoe is too narrow to accommodate a full sized insert. To compare the comfort, just replace the insole in one shoe and compare with the other. 

Please note, as a rule, long arch supports provide the optimal comfort because they cushion the forefoot, where the majority of sweat glands can be found.

Foot Conditions

Arch Pain
Arch Strain
Athlete’s Foot
Back Pain
Collapsed Arch
Flat Feet
Forefoot Pain
Heel Pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Weak Arches



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